iCrowd A platform that enables companies conducting ICO/STO to issue utility or security tokens safely, with legal compliance.



Innovative projects and companies have been founded through ICOs. However, the lack of trust and regulatory issues are lowering the number of ICOs.
STO uses Tokenize technology to connect real assets to cryptocurrency, creating investment value and protecting investors within regulations.
Through STO, we will restore trust in the cryptocurrency market and continue to innovate the Blockchain industry.

ICS Token Standard

For STO utility,
a regulation system is required to support the compliances of different countries.
The ICS Token Standard consists of several layers and is designed to meet regulatory compliances worldwide, from the issuance to the transaction of the Security Token.

iCrowd Protocol

iCrowd allows anyone to comply with national regulations.
Tokenization builds an ecosystem to allow investors, businesses and communities to collaborate.
In the future, we will develop an STO solutions for organizations and companies that need STO infrastructure.


What is iCrowd?

Native iCrowd Token

Facilitate the management of the iCrowd protocol, providing stakeholders with sufficient authority.

ID Chip

A digital identity information stored on the blockchain. Stores information required for compliance.

iCrowd Eligibility Protocol

To ensure investors eligibility, we validate KYC and AML/CTF with a three-tiered protocol.

Validation Hierarchy

Strictly validate the legality and validity of all transactions and ID Chips.

Token Specification

Store information related to STOs, token allocations and legal documents.

Anonymization Layer

We strictly adhere to privacy and management obligations.


Our Service


All assets can be tokenized within regulatory requirements and a variety of optimal disclosure conditions can be selected.

Fund Management

We can increase the transparency by tokenizing real assets and funds, which can be managed in various ways.

ICS Wallet Service

The ID Chip enables transactions that comply with KYC/AML and other regulatory requirements.

Hybrid Due Diligence Rating System

AI analysis and human experts provide transparent judgement criteria for investors.

Security Token Exchange

We collaborate with various partners and regulatory agencies to operate a highly liquid Security Token Exchange.

Social Trading Network

Expand the roles of the exchange to the community and allow investors to discuss and learn investment strategies.


Asset Tokenization is the Future of Investments


Integrate Real Assets and Blockchain to Security and Compliance

  • Funding is possible based on all real assets such as stocks, real estate and intellectual property.
  • Tokenize idle resourcesto share revenue and create added value.
  • Share profits with investors throughdividends.

Tokenomics creates a Blockchain ecosystem allowing participants to collaborate.

  • Ensure a fair reward system between the block producer and the token holders.
  • Optimal means for service design
  • Fundraising tool using corporate service vouchers

iCrowd Eligibility Protocol





Our Plan

Road Map

Q4, 2019
  • Review National Regulations and Select Jurisdiction

Q2, 2020
  • iCrowd Mainnet Launch

Q2, 2020
  • Development of Regulatory Framework 1.0

Q3, 2020
  • Tokenization of selected securities

Q4, 2020
  • Exchange Launch and Tokenization Service

Q1, 2021
  • Social Trading Network

Q1, 2021
  • Hybrid Due Diligence

Our files




Token Distribution

The team token allocation is locked for one year.
The Ecosystem funds (20% of ICC tokens) are reserved to be loaned to selected block producers
for one year. The tokens will be retrieved and incinerated afterwards.

  • 40% Token Sale
  • 20% Ecosystem fund (original block producers)
  • 10% Team
  • 10% Advisors & Marketing
  • 10% Partners
  • 10% Reserve
  • Name: iCrowdCoin
  • Type: ERC20
  • Symbol: ICC
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total supply: 3,000,000,000 ICC
  • Circulating Supply: 1,200,000,000 ICC
General description

ICC token is issued through ERC-20.

After the mainnet has been developed, the iCrowd Exchange will issue its own utility token, ICC, the iCrowd Coin.
The existing ERC-20 ICC coin is interchangeable with the ICC token and can be used within the iCrowd protocol.



    Provide all-in-one Service for ICO/STO Projects

  • Provide user dashboard
  • KYC and AML support for regulatory compliance
  • Connect Investors
  • Easier promotions, bounty programs and airdrops
  • Integrate previous step to the system
  • Save money and time for ICO/STO companies

Our brain


BK Kim

​Dr. BK Kim is a unique serial entrepreneur and renowned investor. He is also well known plastic surgeon who operates clinics in South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia and mainland China(Beijing & Shanghai) in addition to the founder of BK medical group, Medi Hospital Consulting and eHospital limited, etc. Dr. Kim served as clinical professor in Seoul National University Medical College with outstanding research outcomes. He founded non profit foudation for education of young talented students in schools. He gives out scholarships to them every year since 2003. 

Jason Kim

Jason is good at development of new business models in various fields. He served BlockchainOS Inc as CFO during the first Korea ICO fundraising event among Blockchain companies in South Korea. Jason is experienced in direct foreign investment by founding a joint venture in East Asia. Jason was a partner at Finger, Inc. which is the number one financial SI venture in South Korea. Jason is well connected in various fields including IT, and financial venture firms throughout East Asia and Australia. 

JungHan Kim
Blockchain Developer

JungHan is innovation in devising new concept of business model. He is the co-founder of Habor Platform. JungHan is good at developing and auditing new cryptocurrency. 

JinHyung Jeon
Blockchain Developer

JinHyung is co-founder of Habor Platform. JinHyung played major roles ad developer and auditor of new cryptocurrency. 

YongGoo Lee
Full Stack Developer

Yong Goo has experience in global service development and building enterprise-class infrastructures for companies such as SK, Samsung and more. 

He is an excellent engineer with system architecture design skills and back-end/front-end development experiences.​​

HyungUk Yang
General Affairs / IT Support

He has experience in IT development and engineering.
He is in charge of the overall company operation, IT infrastructure management and crisis response at the ICO Platform.​

Steve Park
Software Developer

Steve Park is a web developer with more than 13 years of experiences on infrastructure design and various related projects. 

Lydia Chae
Strategic Planner / Asian countries

Lydia is responsible for strategic planning at the ICO Platform. She has gained a lot of experience throughout her career in the IT industry, medical consulting and the e-commerce market. She has organized and hosted various seminars and conferences. In addition, she is utilizing her work experiences in China to promote market analysis and business planning in Asian countries.​

Annie Yoon
Strategic Planner / North America and European countries

Annie is responsible for strategic planning at the ICO Platform. She received her bachelor’s degree in the US and has experience in various marketing projects. She is focused on market analysis and commercialization in North America and European countries.​

Our mentor


Peter Lim
MyungHoon Choo
Un-Hee Lee
Johnson Kim
Data Scientist
Stanley Lee
Due Diligence & Valuation Expert
Bada Kang
Chief Writer
Justin Hur
CEO, Bigtun HR
Siwon Ham
CEO, Hahmshot Global