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2018 19th World Knowledge Forum


2018 19th World Knowledge Forum 

The Future of Healthcare: by Kim Byung Gun, CEO of ICO Platform. 



The first World Knowledge Forum was launched on October of 2000, undergoing two years of preparation after experiencing the Asian financial crisis in 1997. The success of the 18th annual forum in 2017 was possible due to many scholars and entrepreneurs coming together and putting in effort to organize the World Knowledge Forum every year. 


We celebrated the 19th World Knowledge Forum this year with 250 speakers and over 3,500 audiences from all around the world, gathered to discuss various topics on the subject of “Collective Intelligence: Overcoming Global Pandemonium”.



This year, a large number of global women leaders, top experts from various fields, and corporate leaders attended the forum. Kim Byung Gun, CEO and plastic surgeon, participated as a presenter and chairperson of the “Future of Healthcare” session. During the session, various doctors and businessmen discussed the cutting edge technology of healthcare, while configuring ways to maximize interconnectivity and security, revolutionizing the future of healthcare. 



Each speaker presented and held Q&A sessions with the panel.  

The session was focused on blockchain technology’s impact on the healthcare industry. When blockchain is utilized in medical fields, medical treatment will become more efficient as the interoperability among data operators increases. The improvement of the insurance claim process will reduce the time and costs required for medical services. Also, the combination of big data and machine learning enables evidence-based treatments instead of empirical decisions. Such a shift will allow medical care to be more precise than ever. By returning medical data to the individual, a true patient-centered healthcare environment is expected to appear.


Source: World Knowledge Forum, Maeil Newspaper, ICO Platform

Date: 2018.10.19 


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