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MCC Project

Blockchain based Credit Ecosystem, MyCreditChain

Blockchain based Credit Ecosystem, MyCreditChain

Smart Contract Personal Information Credit Infor
ICO date
2018-06 - 2018-08
Product Type
MCC token
PreICO Price
14 000MCC = 1ETH
10 000MCC = 1ETH
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Credit is a Basic Right 

Blockchain based Credit Ecosystem, MyCreditChain


MCC platform will enable a new relationship among people, which will further develop new form of financial activities. It brings about a major innovation in credit information that a person's credit data will become an asset for himself/herself.


MCC plans to bring the ownership of credit data back to individuals so that they can have a full control over their own information, thus building a more equal society.​ 


Credit information is Asset


The Ownership is on the Individual. The Social Value of Personal Credit Information is immense.

MCC ensures each person’s personal information to be his/her own Asset. Each person can sell his/her information and add value to it in MCC​ 


Credit Grows on Relationships


Banks say people with wealth and high income are more credible.

However, in reality credibility works differently. MCC looks into relationships between people and their daily lives.

Giving gifts in integral to the structure of MCC. It is these relationships that provide the true standard for credibility within the MCC platform.​ 


Credit is Gold


Relationships that people create in MCC is evaluated as their Credit information. People gain income by selling their credit information and from the Daily Air Drop program.

The more you build trust within MCC, the more you income you acquire. Building trust is like mining Gold in MCC.

Various algorithms using Deep Learning/ Big Data. Technologies may be used to produce Value-Adding Marketing Information.​ 




  • Jaebong Yang Founder & CEO
  • Woosik Kim Founder & COO


  • Donggun Lee Blockchain Developer
  • Jongyoung Moon CTO
  • Sangho Kim Blockchain Developer
  • Inkyu Jeong Fullstack Developer
  • Uno, Nam CMO
  • Sanggyun Park Marketing Manager
  • Sang-yeong An Planner
  • Jaeseong Cho Marketer/Planner
  • Seokyoung Jeon UIUX Planner
  • Seungho Choi Fullstack Developer
  • Shutova Julia Fullstack Developer
  • Sojeong Park Marketer
  • Sunyoung Lee Marketer
  • Minwoo Kang Marketer


  • Danny J. Christ Business Development
  • Yukito C. Nagashima Big Data Expert
  • Sally Kim Senior Manager in Data biz unit of SKT
  • Yemi Adeyemo ICO Advisor
  • Gongpil Choi Future Finance Expert
  • Eddie K. Choi Big Data Expert
  • Joon Hong Internet & Mobile Marketing Expert
  • Byunghee Son Computer System Expert
  • Jhun Ha Jin Economy & IT Expert
  • Ryan Moon Online Asset Management Expert
  • 1
    April, 2018 Private Sale (- 4/08): 10ETH(min)/none(max), 14,000MCC/ETH (40%)
  • 2
    April, 2018 Pre Sale 1st (4/12 - 5/5): 0.5ETH(min)/none(max), 11,500MCC/ETH (15%)
  • 3
    May, 2000 Pre Sale 2nd (5/10 - 5/26): 0.2ETH(min)/none(max), 11,000MCC/ETH (10%)
  • 4
    June, 2018 Pre Sale 3nd (6/1 - 7/20): 0.2ETH(min)/none(max), 10,500 MCC/ETH (5%)
  • 5
    April, 2019 Service Launch

Token info

Token Name
MCC token
PreICO price
14 000MCC = 1ETH
Price in ICO
10 000MCC = 1ETH

A mandatory Application form needs to be filled out to receive any form of Bounty. There are 5 ways to participate: 1. Facebook Page Likes 2. Tweeter Retweet 3. Steemit Subscription 4. Website Join 5. TBA *Additional 10MCC for 'My refer URL'*

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